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Rick Pitino’s Finger-Licking-Good Pimp Outfit

In 1, Suspected porn enthusiasts on March 2, 2009 at 16:41

Taking a page out of Col. Sanders’ playbook, Louisville head coach and respected horse whisperer Rick Pitino brought out his big fashion guns for a Top 25 showdown with Marquette on Sunday. Rocking a white suit he stole from the set of Miami Vice with a sassy red tie, the Cardinals mastermind slapped down some Golden Eagle ho’s before making his way over to Puffy’s pad for the post-game party.


Fans shouldn’t have been surprised by Pitino’s wardrobe choice, though. Not because he wore the same threads last season, but because he happens to have one of the sweetest websites on the internet (seriously, check out www.rickpitino.com and just listen to the music. NOTE: Mentally prepare for spring break ’99 flashbacks because that’s how the Rick gets down — just ask the ho-train he rolls into Appleby’s with every Tuesday night.)


When reached for a completely fabricated quote, Pitino said, “Well, my good friend Archbishop Don ‘Magic’ Juan bet me three tasty fillies and a brand new chalice that I wouldn’t pimp my game on national television. Apparently, he don’t know how I do.”


Up next for the coach? “Bedazzled sunglasses,” he (sort of) said. “No one has rocked those since Wooden in ’73. I’m excited to do it at the Kentucky game.”


He’s Rick Pitino BITCH!


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