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Charles Barkley called “too fat” for prison yard basketball game

In Athletes who can't read, NBA, picking on fat kids, Really? He's still alive, Suspected porn enthusiasts on March 8, 2009 at 18:43



Charles Barkley, who’s currently serving a three-day sentence at an Arizona correctional facility, was told to “take his fat ass back to the cafeteria” when he tried to play in a pick-up basketball game earlier today.

As the only member of the 1992 Dream Team to be cited for a DUI after downing wine coolers and bear-claws, Barkley was disappointed that five rapists, four murderers and a nerdy Jewish guy convicted of tax fraud were selected ahead of him in the “stripes vs. skins” game.

As he often does when life hands him disappointment, Barkley turned to food for comfort, reportedly eating 311 packets of Raman Noodles and washing it down with a delightful bottle of wine he and his cell mate brewed in their toilet.


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