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Mavericks launch “Win a Date With Dirk Nowitzki” promotion

In Athletes who can't read, Dallas Mavericks, Dirk Nowitzki, International incidents, NBA, People afraid of the dark, Teams nobody cares about on March 9, 2009 at 17:35


In order to reach out to the coveted “desperate women willing to settle for anything that will put a ring on their finger” demographic, the Dallas Mavericks have launched a brand new marketing campaign featuring sort of creepy, but completely available Dirk Nowitzki.

Win a Date With Dirk Nowitzki,” (which narrowly edged out “Get high with Josh Howard”), begins next week and is already receiving lots of positive feedback. “I don’t really care about looks,” says a fictitious 32-year-old mother of nine currently collecting welfare. “He makes a lot of money and can reach things on the top shelf. Besides, sometimes you just have to lower your standards.”

The lucky gal (or guy) who wins the contest will receive a free dinner, limo ride and the chance to be seen around Dallas with the town’s most eligible foreign bachelor. And remember ladies, Dirk lets pretty much anybody score on him, so bring protection and get ready for a memorable night.

Feel free to enter at WWW.DOTHEDIRK.COM




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