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Urban Meyer and Bob Stoops call NCAA Tournament bracket “illogical”

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At a fake press conference held outside Mack Brown’s home early this morning, Florida Gators football coach Urban Meyer told reporters that he didn’t approve of the controversial NCAA Basketball Tournament claiming it was “unfair to the fans” and “inconsistent with the tried and true BCS System.”

“It’s ridiculous,” said Meyer to a group of confused reporters. “Big schools shouldn’t have to waste their time giving smaller colleges a chance to compete. At this point it makes sense to ask a few dozen basketball writers who their favorite two teams are and let them play for the championship. How much more exciting would that be than a monotonous 64-team tournament?”

Joined by Bob Stoops (who sported a collection of bacon grease stains on his “I heart Hometown Buffet” t-shirt), Meyer explained that a series of bowl games featuring the best 64 teams would be much more enthralling for the fans. “Imagine how exciting it would be for UConn if after 32 regular season games they got to play Duke in the “Monistat 7 Bowl.”  They’d get to compete against the second best team from another conference AND have the next night free to watch UNC battle Pitt for the national championship! It’s a win-win for everyone!”

Though Lou Holtz was unable to incoherently comment/ramble from his hyperbaric chamber, several ESPN analysts debated the idea for nine straight hours and began a new segment called “Gottlieb’s Bowl Projections” sponsored by “Gel-met… the only hair gel that turns hair into a helmet.”



  1. We at 4girls1blog actually host the Monistat 7 Bowl! Thanks for the plug! Get ready for next year’s Women’s Beards Bowl. xo

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