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Nashville Predators fans call Atlanta a “ridiculous” city for an NHL franchise

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At a sparsely attended Tuesday evening home game against the Washington Capitals, the entire Nashville Predators’ fan club (who regularly carpool together in a Kia Sorento), called Gary Bettman’s decision to put a franchise in Atlanta “one of the 612 worst things he has done as commissioner.”

Predator fans note that Atlanta’s league-worst attendance figures finally disproves the widely held belief that Georgia is the epicenter of the hockey world and that Atlanta residents are the most passionate NHL fans in the world.  

Bettman, who is coming off a guest starring role in Little People, Big World, declined to comment as his daily meeting with the league’s bankruptcy lawyers ran a little longer than usual.

For those in Atlanta ready to show the burgeoning Tennessee hockey market how the Peach State rolls, the Thrashers are playing at home this Monday with “Bring Every Single Person You know” night at Phillips Arena. The game can also be seen on Versus as during their highly rated 2 am to 3:30 am time slot.

(For the record, Nashville is 29th in attendance.)

  1. Go figure, a city that gave birth to a hockey franchise named for General Sherman setting half the state on fire in 1864 (Chris Chelios’ rookie year) struggles to attract fans. Seriously, the NHL creating the Atlanta Flames was more confusing and inapropriate than my semi-excited reaction to Katelynn from the Real World Brooklyn poll dancing. We tend to ignore this period in hockey history from 1972-1980 (thanks wikipedia) because the team now resides in Calgary–Canada’s dead-beat uncle that drinks too much Amstell Light on Boxing Day. What if in five years New Orleans was awarded an NHL franchise named the “Katrinas” or Cleveland received a team named the “Wally Szczerbiak’s Contracts”–equally destructive–wouldn’t there be some kind of uproar??? Good thing we have Mr. Bettman around to prevent something like that from happening…

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