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Isaiah Thomas Excited To Ruin Careers at the College Level

In Awful human beings, Creepy Bastards, dangers to society, Embarrassments to humanity, Isaiah Thomas, NBA, New York Knicks, Selfish pricks, Shitty Owners, Things Dennis Quaid has ruined on April 14, 2009 at 18:53

isaiah thomas sucks


Fresh off of a five year stint destroying the the New York Knicks and staving off sexual harassment lawsuits, Isaiah Thomas has decided to return to the college game (after a very brief three decade hiatus), after signing a deal to become the head basketball coach at Florida International University earlier today.

Thomas, who lists “dream killing” under the special skills portion of his resume’, brings a level of excitement to the FIU campus unseen since fresh fishstick day at the Wilson Dormitory cafeteria and renewed hope to a team that was tired of good character and fundamental basketball . 

“Our fans support the team, the players have great attitudes and there’s a lot of selflessness in the locker room,” Thomas said at an admittedly fake press conference. “It’s going to take me at least seven months to erase all of that.”

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  1. If all he does is kill careers of one school that is an improvement. He has the destruction of the knicks, and the bankrupting of an entire league (CBA) under his belt, I would hope he could atleast bankrupt a few boosters or maybe the school here.

  2. If all else fails, he will throw his own 17 year old daughter under the bus. (Again).

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